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PPE Sales Strategies

Events such as those that the economies of the world are currently experiencing produce volatility. We carry no debt, and making unleveraged investments based on this volatility can produce exceptional returns. Our Hedge Fund takes both long and short positions in pursuit of minimising risk.

MainStreet Money is an Australian based Hedge Fund that invests in undervalued assets such as startups, properties, and businesses with the intention of managing them wisely to enhance their value and net cash returns. We intend to reward shareholders by increasing the value of their shares and dividend income.

We issue ordinary shares to our investors. However, in order to promote liquidity in the shares, the Board has resolved not to provide share certificates to shareholders, but to issue them digital coins which establish proof of the ownership of the shares and will ensure rapid seamless transfers.

We call the digital coins “Share Backed Coins” or “SBCs”. They include your share numbers for reference.

These are currently able to be bought and sold on this website, or used by shareholders to trade. Upon notification of the sale, the company transfers the ownership of the shares and issues a new SBC to the buyer. This is not a blockchain transfer system, but we have developed our own secure software platform to ensure rapid transfers to enable streamlined trade.

Contact Investor Relations by post, email, or phone for more information.

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