MainStreet Money Property Value Backed Coins (SBC's)

MainStreet issues electronic coin tokens a proof of ownership of invested Units or Shares in Australian Property projects.

Here's a breakdown of what you get as a new Investor...

  • FREE to join MainStreet Money Australian Opportunities.
  • 12 months free membership. No fees.
  • Numbered digital Coin Tokens for each Trust Unit or Share tranche purchased by a member.
  • Bonus parcels of Units and or Shares in MainStreet companies.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who typically invests in Australia?

Australia has many features and benefits for investment or immigration. With world-class banking and corporate governance Australia provides security and financial governance second to none. Usually defined as "Accredited Investors", various institutions, corporate treasuries, endowments, fund of funds, family offices, private banks and pensions invest in hedge funds. MainStreet seeks private hedge fund investment into special rural, commercial and residential property projects. MainStreet offers high interest for debt with 1st mortgage security over two year investment periods.

What is an Accredited Investor?

This can vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction, depending on the investing process in question and is something that each individual should verify within their own Jurisdiction prior to investing with a hedge fund. Put simply, if you cannot afford to lose the money you invest then you should not be looking at hedge funds as a viable investment route.

What is the minimum investment?

The fund manager can waive the minimum at his sole discretion but this is usually only undertaken to accommodate serious investors who stipulate an intent to allocate substantially more than the stated minimum, depending on how this initial allocation performs?

Can I buy SBC's with Paypal?

The company is about to release a PayPal account for the Fund in the third quarter 2020.

What payment methods can I use to by Share backed Coins?

Members can use Fiat Cash, Bitcoin and Trade Dollars to by SBC's. Any fiat cash has to be wired by bank to bank transaction.

What are Property, Unit or Share Backed Coins?

We invest in undervalued assets such as start ups, properties and businesses with the intention of managing them wisely to enhance their value and net cash returns. We intend to reward shareholders by increasing the value of their shares and dividend income.

MSM Shares or Coins?

We call the digital coins “Share Backed Coins” or “SBCs”. They are numbered for reference.  These are currently able to be bought and sold on this website, or used by shareholders to trade

What are the Share Backed Coins used for?

We issue ordinary shares to our investors. However, in order to promote liquidity in the shares, the Board has resolved not to provide share certificates to shareholders, but to issue them digital coins which establish proof of the ownership of the shares and will ensure seamless transfers.